Preventative Dental Care

For children’s oral health to develop normally, it’s important they enjoy a solid foundation of healthy teeth and gums starting from a young age. As a Hazel Dell kids’ dentist, Dr. Lubisich offers a wide range of preventative dental care services designed to help keep your child’s smile looking and feeling its best for a lifetime. From dental exams and cleanings to sealants and fluoride treatments, your kids will receive the individualized dental care needed to meet their unique oral health needs.

Our range of preventative services include:

Preventive Oral Hygiene Instruction:

Tooth decay can start to negatively impact kids’ oral health from the moment their first tooth appears. To help protect their kids’ teeth from decay and cavities, parents must start practicing quality oral hygiene at home, starting at a young age.

Parents should begin cleaning their kids’ gums with a moist gauze pad or washcloth following each feeding starting just a few days after birth. Once teeth start to develop, parents need to start brushing their kids’ teeth using a child’s sized toothbrush and a small, pinhead-sized amount of fluoridated toothpaste.

Just as with adults, brushing will help to prevent the buildup of plaque that leads to the development of tooth decay and cavities. Parents also need to start flossing their kids’ teeth once two teeth form that touch together.

Once a child reaches the age of three, parents can start using a slightly larger amount of toothpaste when brushing, about the size of a pea.

If your concerned about how to brush your child’s teeth or want to know more about the best techniques and practices, our team at Hazel Dell Dentistry 4 Children has you covered. Dr. Lubisich and the rest of our team provide parents with instruction on the best oral hygiene practices to help ensure their kids grow up with a great looking smile. From infancy to toddlerhood, we can provide you with step-by-step instruction on how to perform the best oral hygiene at home.

Dental Exams


The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that parents schedule their child’s first dental appointment shortly after the eruption of the first tooth and no later than 12 months of age. Regular dental exams with Dr. Lubisich play an important role in helping to detect the signs of dental disease that can cause larger problems to develop. Finding dental problems at a young age can improve not only a child’s oral health, but general health and overall wellbeing. Early diagnosis of potential problems with a child’s bite and/or alignment can enable Dr. Lubisich to act more quickly and provide less intensive treatment to correct the underlying issue.

During a child’s dental exam, Dr. Lubisich will look for a variety of things, including:


  • General health and overall growth a child’s teeth.
  • Signs of dental or tooth discomfort.
  • Overall health of the soft tissues of the face, including gums and cheeks.
  • How effectively joints that move the mouth and jaws work.
  • Current state of a child’s oral hygiene habits.
  • Development of teeth and jaw bone.
  • Bite characteristics and teeth alignment.
  • Signs of cavities and overall risk of tooth decay.


Based on a visual examination of your child, Dr. Lubisich may need to take X-rays to gain a better understanding of a child’s current oral health. While most kids will need to see Dr. Lubisich once every six months, more frequent visits to our Hazel Dell dentistry for kids may be needed depending on their individual oral needs.

Dental Sealants

For younger patients who don’t yet possess the manual dexterity or attention to detail required to properly brush their teeth, tooth decay becomes a common problem. One area most at risk for tooth decay is the back molars, which feature hard to clean crevices that can become a breeding ground for plaque and food buildup. This increases the risk for tooth decay and cavities.

Dental sealants effectively “seal” away these hard to clean teeth, protecting them from the effects of tooth decay. Made from a durable resin, dental sealants are sprayed onto a patient’s teeth by Dr. Lubisich during a quick, 10-minute procedure. Once the resin hardens, plaque can no longer attach itself to the surface of a child’s teeth, thereby preventing the development of cavities from decay.

Dental sealants are incredibly durable and can last for years before a reapplication is required. Sealants offer parents a great option for helping to protect their kids’ oral health that’s quick, convenient, and causes no discomfort or interference with day-to-day activities like eating or brushing. Talk with Dr. Lubisich during your next appointment at our Hazel Dell dentistry for kids to see if dental sealants are right for your child.

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